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007 | Dreaming

[It's a long, silent hallway, just barely bright enough to see. It stretches off into the darkness, and his footsteps echo on tile floors. There's a heavy, metallic stench in the air, and looking to the side, he can see the walls dripping with blood.

It's human blood, of course. Easy to recognize. He's seen enough of it in his life.

He walks very straight and slow, knowing that he can't stop, can't turn back. Behind him, there is nothingness -- just darkness and blood and death. It's always dogged his footsteps, all his life.

Then his foot lands, and instead of the crisp, dry sound of his foot meeting tile, there's a liquid squelch. He doesn't look down. The next footfall is similar, and then the next is a full splash.

He walks and walks, and the blood rises around his feet, around his ankles, up his legs, until he is not so much walking as wading, and higher yet, until his feet lose contact with the floor and he is swimming down a long empty hallway filled with blood. His gaze is fixed ahead, with no end in sight. No reason to look to the side. No reason to stop. He is going forward and will continue going forward, into the darkness.]
Sharingan / Looking Down

006 | Honest | Audio (accidental)

[The sounds are those of a bustling shop; purchases being rung up, voices chattering on. They are faint at first; it seems as though this post is being made accidentally.

[Then a clearer voice -- probably the person holding the device. Itachi, although a little hoarser than usual.]

This will be all for me today.

[And then the proprietor's voice.]

Well enough! And how are you today, sir?

I am... rather unwell. [Itachi pauses, then adds dryly,] And cursed, so it would seem.

[The transaction is completed with little more conversation, and the accidental feed times out as Itachi walks.]
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005 | Companionable | Video

[Itachi has found himself a good vantage point to watch the City. Up on a rooftop, leaning against the bulk of a quiescent black panther, he stares at the stars. The feed picks up as he shifts, gathering the image of the two of them, Itachi's slender fingers stirring the silky black fur.]

I suppose, in the end... I was right, wasn't I? What I said all those years ago...

[He breaks off with a sigh, and the panther rumbles in a deep but distinctly feminine voice.]

You may have been. But there isn't any use brooding on it. You couldn't have made any other choice, and you know it.

[He acknowledges again, staring up at the stars.]

Of course I could have. There were so many other choices -- but the results would have been unthinkable.

[He shakes his head, and just leans down, resting his forehead against her shoulder.]

I am done with this discussion.

[And the feed times out with the two of them silent, thoughtful.]
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004 | Sparkling | Video

[Itachi is sparkling. Itachi is sparkling and he is stonily (ha ha, it's a pun, right?) determined to ignore the fact that his skin has apparently turned into diamonds. Or something. It's undignified, even if it's kind of pretty. But he's going about his business -- and in this case, that business is buying sweets. Sparkling isn't going to stop him, even if it makes him feel ridiculously vulnerable and visible. Ninja don't like to be obvious.

The feed clicking on is entirely accidental; he's not fully used to the device yet, and so he's just turning it idly in one glittering hand as he walks, and it clicks on to the sight of luminescent fingers, tipped in the dark lacquer he still wears, as he pauses at a shop to purchase a small bag of chocolates. Little is picked up, other than the mundanities of the transaction, and as Itachi finds a place to settle with his prize, he sets the device down beside him to begin savoring his treat, and all the while it picks up the so-dangerous mass murderer, contentedly sucking on a piece of candy and sparkling in the late afternoon sun.]

003 | Remembering | Video?

[The scene that plays on the feed is most certainly nothing in the City; a five-year-old boy sits on the porch of a more-or-less traditionally styled Japanese house at dusk, cradling an infant in a sling and crooning softly to him. Despite the difference in years, the boy is immediately recognizable as Itachi; the prominent creases that slice away from his eyes are less dramatic in child-pudgy cheeks, but still quite visible. From what little the view shows of the house and garden around him, it's obviously richly appointed; not a hard guess that his family is fairly wealthy.

He's cradling the infant with intense fascination and tenderness, seeming to be completely absorbed in watching him, in listening to the soft burbles of sound he produces, in rocking him, singing to him softly, and just being with him. This is the proudest big brother who was ever proud of anything, and nothing exists in his world except this baby with his soft cap of dark hair and deep eyes that watch the world with half-focused interest.

But then a shiver runs up his back, and he looks up at the dark sky. "What's that...?" It's a thin whisper, a child's fear, and the infant starts to fuss in his arms. "You can feel it too?" Itachi murmurs, rocking the baby and trying to soothe him. "You're just as strong as me, Sasuke... I knew it. Shh, shh... it's okay. I'm your big brother... I'm always going to protect you." He looks up, though, and his face is pale and frightened as the infant Sasuke's fussing escalates to outright crying. "Why do Mom and Dad have to be gone now...?" Even at five, Itachi knows that what's coming is more than he can face. But he's still trying to be the strong brother. "Shh... I won't let it hurt you, Sasuke. Your big brother's here. You're gonna be okay." He keeps rocking the baby, now hunching protectively over him as if he could shield Sasuke from the incoming danger with his own small body.

The earth seems to shake, and Itachi clutches at Sasuke, his eyes going wide with fear. He's fighting it, though. He can't be afraid because he has to be the big brother, the strong one. That's his job now.]
Sharingan / Looking Down

002 | Hungering | Video

These are disgusting.

[Itachi holds up something that might have once been a recognizable food item, but all that's visible now is a shapeless deep-fried blob on a skewer. There's a bite taken out of one of them, where he gamely tried to choke it down.]

These... deities have a foul sense of humor.
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001 | Awakening | Accidental video

[The feed clicks on with a clatter; it seems that the device fell when it was disturbed. After it comes to rest, all that's immediately visible is a stylized red cloud outlined in white, with a black background; those who recognize the design of an Akatsuki cloak can probably figure out that that's what they're seeing. Overlaid with the image is the sound of hoarse breathing, slow and hovering just on the edge of labored. It eases, though, as time passes.]

[Then there's a shift, and the cloud moves away to reveal Itachi's face, captured at a strange, upward angle. His eyes are closed, his face set in a still, expectant expression with a very faint hint of a smile, and there is drying blood on his face, trailing down from his eyes and mouth. The smile slips away, though, and his brows furrow in faint puzzlement. Then he opens his eyes.]

[For once, they're simple and dark, with the Sharingan nowhere to be seen, and clearly unfocused. His frown deepens, and he squints, then with a sigh of resignation, he brings up the Sharingan, and the frown relaxes as the familiar eyes spin lazily. When he speaks, his words are clearly meant for himself, soft and resigned.]

What is this...? Surely Sasuke didn't...

[He sighs, then pushes himself up to stand, his movements slow and cautious.]
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OOC | polychromatic App

[nick / name]: Dela
[personal LJ name]: oceanica
[other characters currently played]: None
[AIM / messenger]: AlmaOceanica

[series]: Naruto
[character]: Uchiha Itachi
[character history / background]: Itachi, the first son of the Uchiha Clan’s leader, proved at an extremely young age to be a ferocious genius. He graduated from the ninja academy (something like a combined elementary and middle school) at the age of seven, about the age when most children entered it, and by that point, he was already racking up accomplishments, proving to be exceptionally quick and skilled with weapons, genjutsu (illusions), and ninjutsu (ninja techniques). A year later, he activated his Sharingan for the first time -- something that many Uchiha never managed to do in their entire lives.

About that time, Itachi’s younger brother was born, and he almost immediately found himself completely engrossed with this child. His affection for Sasuke was enormous, although he hid it carefully. Their father was a cold person who didn’t foster any sort of warmth or openness in Itachi, constantly demanding more and more from him in terms of what he could accomplish as a young ninja, and Itachi wanted to shield his brother from their father’s displeasure, so he took pains to hide his affection for fear that Fugaku would lash out against Sasuke in retaliation.

He passed his chuunin exams at ten, and became a jounin not terribly long thereafter, and almost immediately was pushed into Konoha’s Black Ops squad, ANBU. He was no more than twelve when he earned that position.

Sometime around that age, he first encountered Uchiha Madara, one of the founders of Konoha and an apparent immortal. Madara had turned away from Konoha generations ago, and his hatred had festered and lingered, growing more and more baleful even toward his own clan -- maybe especially toward his own clan, which had rejected his desire for war and had chosen the First Hokage’s leadership and peace instead. Madara began to teach Itachi, to push him to grow more.

The Uchiha clan had their own issues; they were planning a coup d’etat against Konoha, feeling that they were being discriminated against and pushed to the side. Itachi, ferociously loyal to Konoha, knew of their plans and wanted to stop them. And as an ANBU, he got his orders.

Wipe out the clan.

He started with his best friend, Uchiha Shisui; murdering Shisui granted him the Mangekyou Sharingan, an extremely powerful and highly evolved form of the Sharingan. Using his newfound power, Itachi went through the entire clan a few days later and slaughtered them all, with only one exception: the little brother he loved so dearly.

Instead, riddled by guilt and Madara’s corrupting influence, he gave Sasuke a challenge. Live. Grow stronger. Gain the Mangekyou. And come find him. He deliberately fostered hatred in Sasuke’s heart, incited his beloved little brother into monomania. And then he left.

Following Madara, Itachi joined the organization Akatsuki, an organization of missing-nin that was centered ostensibly around a young Ame-nin named Nagato, but which Madara led from the shadows. For several years, as he waited for Sasuke to grow up and come into his own, Itachi followed Akatsuki’s goals, slowly losing his vision as he overstrained the Sharingan and falling into a state of ill health.

Finally, Sasuke came for him. Itachi faced a brother whose hatred and mourning rage had crystallized into an intense desire for his blood, and he faced him gladly. And even then, he did not tell Sasuke the truth. It was a part of his love for his brother, in a twisted, ugly way; he wouldn’t stain the memory of their family, wouldn’t slander the dead to Sasuke. It would break him. Instead, he presented himself exactly as Sasuke expected him to be -- a murderous madman, one who would do anything.

But the battle took too much out of him. He fought Sasuke fiercely, and his weakening body was unable to withstand the strain, and after Sasuke’s final, most powerful strike, he gave up; with a final affectionate poke between Sasuke’s brows, the old playful gesture from a more innocent time, he released the tormented life he’d led and perished.

...And now he’ll wake up in the City. Even the dead can’t catch a break.

[character abilities]: Oh, where do I even start. It’s Geniusy McGodmod of the Clan Haxx0rs.

Basic Ninja Skills - Itachi has a more or less full complement of basic ninja skills, Naruto style. Water-walking, wall-climbing, kawarimi, improbable leaping skills, basic clones, and so on and so forth.

Genius Uchiha - Itachi is also a genius member of the erstwhile Uchiha clan. Therefore, he’s ridiculously brilliant and talented. He’s extremely good with weapons, extremely good with the fire techniques his family specializes in, and generally just good at going in, kicking ass, and taking names. He has the bloodline limit, the Sharingan, which he activated at something like seven years old. The Sharingan allows him to copy any non-bloodline jutsu he sees, gives him the ability to generally read motions to a tiny degree (it can be used, for example, to figure out what someone’s writing from watching their arm move), and predict what his opponent will do next, so he can counter a moment before it’s fully taking place. Additionally, the Sharingan soups up a ninja’s basic ability to create genjutsu, illusory techniques. Basically, even at its simplest level, the Sharingan is a way to hack battles. But it gets BETTER.

Mass-Murdering Renegade Uchiha - If an Uchiha with the Sharingan murders their best friend, they gain an evolved form of the Sharingan called the Mangekyou Sharingan. Itachi did this. He has the Mangekyou. It is badass. The Mangekyou gives him an enhanced Sharingan, and the following specific powers:
Tsukiyomi - This is the mother of all genjutsu. It only lasts a few seconds in the real world, too short for any enemy to effectively interfere, but in the mind of the victim, whatever illusion s/he’s trapped in lasts for up to 72 hours. Three days of torture packed into a few seconds. Pretty much once you’re caught in this you’re fucked up.
Amaterasu - Black flames that ignite on anything the Mangekyou looks at, burns any substance to ash, and can only be extinguished by the person who ignited it or by someone with a stronger Mangekyou. Amaterasu takes seven days to go out if left to its own devices.
Susano’o - It’s a giant skeleton-sort of thing that encases Itachi, protecting him from any attack, and armed with a sword that cuts everything. Oh, and did I mention that the skeleton is on fire?

Basically, Itachi is complete hax. The only limitation on his power is that the use of it fucks him up massively, devouring all his energy, ruining his eyesight, and ultimately driving him into a ridiculously early grave through sheer physical fuckedupedness.
[character personality]: Itachi comes off as being extremely bland and unemotive. A large part of this has to do with the lie he’s been living constantly since his early teens. By adulthood, it has become such an extreme habit to hide everything he’s feeling that it’s nearly impossible for him to even have a genuine display of emotion. Anything he feels is pushed down and hidden, out of sheer necessity and habit.

However, Itachi is a person of strong convictions, strong feelings, and immense determination. Deep inside that dull, unemotive exterior lies a man of passion, willing to sacrifice his life in slow, soul-killing increments in order to do what has to be done. He loves his little brother with a burning intensity, he carries a burden of thick, choking guilt that even death is not allowing him to release, and above it all, Itachi’s loyalty is something that cannot be shaken, bought, or broken.

That’s the deep stuff. While he’s bland on the surface, there are some notable characteristics to pick up on. One is his enormous sweet tooth, which he indulges with very little shame. When you’ve got as much insane drama in your life as he does, who gives a shit about a few hundred extra calories’ worth of dango or red bean buns? He also has the capacity to be affectionate, although it tends to be in guarded, hidden ways. The tiniest spark of a smile or glint of warmth in his eyes is a tremendous accomplishment for the recipient.
[point in timeline you're picking your character from]: After death. Easy and dramatic. In terms of his physical health, considering that he died at least partially from blorfing up his disease-riddled lungs, I’d like to propose that he’s still not entirely healthy, although no longer dying.

[journal post]:
[The feed opens to Itachi, sitting on the ground and leaning back against a tree, his eyes closed. There is blood on his face, dry and flaking -- blood trailing away from his mouth and eyes. He looks entirely peaceful, and for a moment, there is something like a small smile on his face. But the smile slides away, and he stirs, his brows furrowing slightly in a frown.]

[He opens his eyes, and for once, they are dark, and he blinks, straining to see. There’s only a moment, and then he gives a little convulsive shiver and his eyes spiral into red. When he speaks, it’s in a murmur, clearly intended only for himself.]

So it is, then...?

[He closes his eyes again and sighs, gathering himself before pushing off the tree and slowly rising to his feet, beginning to stride away from the passively recording device.]

[third person / log sample]:

There were clouds on the horizon; Itachi thought it would rain before nightfall. His other senses confirmed the thought; as he inhaled, the wind carried the crushed-green, vital scent of rain to him. There was that growing sense of pressure in the air, an intangible caress against his face, the growing energy that would unleash itself in a fury of sound and electricity. Even a civilian could feel it, and to a shinobi, attuned to the rhythm of the natural world, to the way the wild elements surged and meshed, it was even more pointed. It would be a powerful storm, he guessed -- short and intense, a blast that would bring down limbs and reshape the forest, and then shortly fade away to nothing.

His eyes opened in time to see lightning flicker on the horizon, and his thoughts inevitably slid to his brother. Sasuke, his fist filled with crackling energy, glaring at him with an intense hatred that was not yet enough and yet so nearly more than Itachi could bear. This was the path he’d chosen, the only path he could have possibly chosen, and yet it tore him, it left him bleeding inside. Once upon a time, Sasuke had looked at him with such adoration. Now, the next time he saw his brother, it would be the end.

“Itachi-san.” Kisame’s voice cut through his contemplation, breaking him out of his darkness. “We should move on. The inn isn’t far.” A blessing of traveling the civilian routes; they could enjoy the luxury of inns and moving unnoticed through crowds. Someone with no chakra awareness simply did not even notice the quietly cloaked menace that surrounded them, the not-scent of blood that any shinobi worth his hitai-ate would instantly notice.

He turned to look at his partner; most people found Kisame difficult to read, with his inhuman features, but Itachi was familiar enough with him that he could clearly see the concern written there. Kisame didn’t even need to say anything; Itachi could see it in his eyes. He’d been a little worse off than usual, suffering a bit of a relapse from the illness that was consuming him, and the big shark-man, so brutal when it came to enemies, had an odd nurturing streak that mainly manifested itself in fretting over every cough.

A tickle rose in his throat as though summoned by the thought, and he suppressed the urge to cough. “Very well,” he agreed with serene dignity, his voice just slightly hoarse.

Lightning flashed again just before he turned, and he thought again, Sasuke. Someday, he would see his brother again. And then his suffering would end.